If you’re a parent of young children (as I am) I’m sure you can empathize when I say I purposely do not get my kids shoes with laces because it would simply take forever to leave the house. Now, I’m not saying children should never learn to tie their shoelaces – I know it’s a fine motor skill that should be encouraged. But really, why do we need laces on shoes? I personally prefer slip-on’s because they’re much easier to put on.

Now you can have the best of both worlds with Hickies, a cool, flexible lacing system that turns your shoes with laces into slip-on’s. One size fits all, even for kids and adults, since these smart bands flex to fit. What’s also snazzy is the endless choices of colors, from basics to vibrant color combinations. Each set comes with 14 bands, enough to fit two shoes, $14.99.

I think these might just revolutionize shoes, in a good way.

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