New Zealand based Nature Baby is all about providing your baby the safest and well-made, environmentally friendly apparel and products. A family-run business since 1998, the quest started with trying to provide similar natural products for their own family. Since then, Nature Baby has expanded to include not only a line of modern and simple garments for babies, but also sleepwear, bedding, skincare and more. All with the emphasis on sourcing healthy, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

What caught my eye is their extensive line of baby organic cotton and wool apparel in well-designed, modern leggings, bodysuits and tops that fit well within today’s styles. If you want to go all natural, they also feature a plain Naturals Range line with no motifs or patterns. It’s clear the emphasis here at Nature Baby is to provide the best materials and fabrics for baby.

View Nature Baby’s entire line of apparel and accessories on their online shop. They’re based in New Zealand, but do ship internationally.

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