I’m always amazed by stories of inspiring kids and their kindness towards others. In this story, which illustrates that friendship bonds can be forged even at a young age, meet 7-year old Quinn Callender, of British Columbia, Canada. Quinn’s friend, Brayden, has cerebal palsy, and is seeking to undergo an expensive treatment that might be able to let him walk without the need of braces.

Quinn first started out in the way that young entrepreneurs often do – he set up shop with a lemonade stand outside of a local market. However, with the help of his parents, he also turned to crowdfunding and the generosity of strangers to help Brayden. The initial goal was to raise $20,000 to help pay for the treament, but the campaign has blown past that and is currently at over $60,000 (as of this writing) with about two weeks left in the funding period.

It’s truly moving to see someone so young have so much compassion and love for his friend. To donate or find out more about Brayden’s cause, visit his page on YouCaring.

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