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Looking for a fun way to encourage common core learning this summer without making it feel like a chore? This adorable insect-themed learning activity pack from The Kindergarten Connection contains an endless variety of cute learning activities that will have your pre-k kiddos begging you (“bugging” you..?) to practice their math and literacy skills!

Kids will get a kick rolling and graphing the cute insect die, and finding their favorite bugs featured in cleverly themed activities like “Ladybug Letters,” “Syllable Snails,” “Add the Ants,” and “Busy Busy Butterflies“. Whether they’re counting with caterpillars or swatting sight word flies (seriously, SO clever!) they’ll find a new game on every page.

Bonus? Believe it or not, you can actually reuse these once you’ve finished them to create your own art lessons! In addition to the full-color versions, there are also black & white copies of each page that kids would have a blast coloring! One you’ve completed the suggested activities, you can turn finished work into art by coloring, painting, cutting out or collaging your favorite illustrations.

Whether your little bugs are brushing up on skills over a break, or just looking for some summer afternoons filled with extra fun learning opportunities, this awesome activity pack is guaranteed to keep them busy bees all summer long!


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