How many of you have tons of photos of your kids and family but not many that are displayed in frames? I’m definitely one of the guilty ones. There is something daunting about leveling frames and hammering nails onto a wall that makes the job seem permanent and harder than it should be.

FLIXI frames recognizes the need to have an easy way to hang up your favorite memories, and they claim it can all be done in under a minute.

Of course I was intrigued so had to check out how they do it. The FLIXI frames have a unique backing that snaps onto their Wallsnap and 3M double sided adhesive. This requires no need for holes or nails and you can remove your frame easily without leaving a mark on the wall.

The cool part about FLIXI is their built in level so the frames are always straight. The “glass” is actually a shatterproof and flexible window that’s safe around kids.

Eight bright colors are available with the FLIXI frames and flexible options for displaying your photos are included such as the built in stand or accessories to create a mobile or hinged frame.

FLIXI is currently crowd-funding their project via Kickstarter and have about 2 days left to meet their goal (as of this writing). Learn more about FLIXI here.

(All images via FLIXI)

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