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Getting digital cards and invites are pretty par for the course these days. I look forward to the holidays since it’s about the only time I get cards in the mail! Thankfully, my 6 year old daughter reminds me of the importance of good old-fashioned letter writing.

Since she’s learned how to read and write, she makes cards nonstop – for her grandparents, teachers, friends, you name it. For those few times she gets a card addressed in her name in the mail, her excitement is beyond contagious. So that’s why I was super excited to see my online friend Darcy Jerome of Pretty Girl Designs start a Kids Mail Swap.

It’s easy to join! Just send Darcy an email ( with your child’s name, age, and address. She’ll match up all participating kids and send details out for each kid’s own personal pen pal. But hurry! The last day to participate is this Friday, 4/3.

According to Darcy, “no gifts or trinkets, just good ol’ snail mail!”

I love the thought of encouraging kids to get involved in sending and receiving thoughtful mail. Of course I signed up my daughter and she is super excited to get started. I hope you join Darcy and everyone else in the Kids Mail Swap!