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It’s been a cold & rainy couple of weeks here in Sydney recently! The rain stopped long enough this week for Mr4 to get out on the balcony for some quick & easy Canvas Art making whilst the littlest napped! Not the most ideal activity on a high-rise building balcony as it’s very windy but the view is great and chasing roll-away/fly away crepe paper proved to be fun!

This is an easy project for both toddlers & preschoolers! It’s not too messy, surprising quick drying, leaving beautiful bright colors & a bumpy texture!

To make your own textured Canvas Art, you will need:


  • Mix 1 part water to 2 parts PVA glue & mix until well combined.
  • Cover your canvas in the watered down glue mix.
  • Lay across ripped lengths of crepe paper, gluing over the top as you go.

Once you’re finished pasting, lay your canvas in the sun & allow to dry. For us, this took just a few hours and was ready to hang that afternoon!

You could hang as is, or turn it into a homemade pegboard or pin board to display all your important notes & art!

To create a pegboard from your canvas art, hang some twine across & use mini pegs to display birthday cards, samples of artworks & drawings, shopping lists, post cards & more!

To create a pin board, insert & secure a sheet of polystyrene to the back of the canvas, using pushpins to display photos, school notes, quotes & more!

We don’t do art on a canvas often, so I think that made this activity even more special. A Peg or Pin Board would make a lovely personalized gift too!

Olivia is a career Nanny & craft extraordinaire from Sydney, Australia. She shares her passion for children & creativity by providing simple arts, crafts & activities full of learning opportunities. Her aim is to encourage & inspire you to be creative with your babies, toddlers and preschoolers! You can find more from Olivia at www.acraftylivingcom or follow her on Facebook & Instagram at @acraftyliving!