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With the popularity of writing computer programming code and the great job opportunities it presents in today’s world, you can imagine the influx of motivated young adults and children who are curious about learning more. One of the challenges here is that there is some requirements to be able to dabble in code. At the basest level, you need hardware like a computer, some software, and minimum knowledge.

Codestarter aims to break down the barriers preventing motivated but underserved children from having a chance to learn how to code. Their mission is to help provide the tools needed to get started through their Code Kits – a combination of hardware and software.

Codestarter partners with organizations who focus on teaching kids in the 7-17 age range how to code. Their partner organizations identify kids who are interested in coding but don’t have their own computers. Codestarter jumps in by crowdsourcing the donation for a laptop computer to help that potential coder, also providing transparency to the donors on the ongoing progress and success of that child.

If you want to help provide new opportunities to underserved children, Codestarter has the ability for donors to fund part of a computer in addition to the whole thing.

Learn more on how to donate to this cause on Codestarter’s website.