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Baby Wipe Container Yarn Sensory Fine Motor Skills Activity

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Scroll all the way down to watch the video below to see in action, this simple and effective Baby Wipe Container Yarn Sensory Fine Motor Skills Activity. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more fun videos!

We’ve been doing lots of fun baby sensory and fine motor skills activity with my 15 month old lately which is a great age to try new ways to heighten baby’s sensory experiences and continue to challenge them to strengthen their fine motor skills!

We had great success with our Kitchen Whisk Activity so wanted to do a similar one where baby is encourage to pull out and add back objects. 

Here’s an easy way to recycle those empty baby wipe containers that I’m sure (if you’re a mom of little ones) you find yourself having too many to count. 

We filled an empty baby wipe container with brightly textured yarn and encouraged baby to pull out strings one by one.

There are a few things going on here: 


  1. You can use different yarns for different sensory textures. We like bulky thick and bulky yarns which are also easier for baby’s hands to grasp.
  2. Cut them in medium/longish strips, not too short to keep it less of a choking hazard and also easier to pull out. Of course ALWAYS SUPERVISE BABY and never leave baby alone. The long strips are also great fo exploration, if you watch the video below, one part shows baby just feeling and exploring the long strings.
  3. Great to use different color yarns. As baby gets older, you can encourage color learning and recognition (pull out the yellow yarn, blue, etc)
  4. Use strong removable tape to keep the wipe container down so it doesn’t move around and keeps baby from flinging to the floor. We simply used clear packing tape to his high chair, but you could use painter’s tape that removes easily too. 

By the way, we get a lot of questions on our high chair but it’s actually a baby walker!  The main reason we love it is because of its extremely large tray table which is great for setting up baby activities! 

Here are some other ideas of sensory objects you can try adding in the baby wipe container to pull out:

  • small socks
  • small cut strips of fabrics, felt
  • pipe cleaners
  • cut straws 
  • large pom poms

Hope you give this easy baby wipe container yarn baby activity a go!





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