There are so many awesome subscription services for kids that have specific themes and this particular one targets a specific niche – dads and their kids.

The Cooper Kit is an activity box squarely targeted to dads that contains 6-9 different activities that are shipped to your doorstep every 3 months. The activities contained inside are gender neutral and curated to be both hands-on and educational. The boxes are generally themed and also contain an activity book that guides you through the theme as well as a bedtime story, link to website with digital resources, themed dinner ideas and parental links for topics ‘just for dads.’

I like that this subscription service is aimed towards fostering the nurturing bond between modern dads and their kids. Especially in today’s age where both parents often play an equal part in the creative development of their children. Quarterly subscription runs $65 + $13 shipping or you can prepay a yearly subscription at the quarterly price of $59 + $13 shipping.

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