I’m sure you’ve all seen variations of pine cone turkeys, most with traditional brown, yellow and orange feathers. My daughter’s favorite color is pink and she asked to make a pink turkey. I thought it’d be cute and so we created a modern style turkey pine cone – complete with pink chevron feathers. She looks adorable and we love how our pink, contemporary turkey turned out!

Pink Pine Cone Turkey – Materials:

1. Large pine cone

2. Googly eyes

3. Pink paint

4. Pink feathers (we got these at the local craft store)

5. Tape

6. Craft glue


1. Tape the feathers together at the bottom tips to hold them together.

2. Glue the bottom of the feathers (held together by tape) to the pine cone

3. Glue googly eyes

4. Paint the “nose” of the turkey pine cone pink

Isn’t she adorable? We love how our pink, contemporary turkey turned out!

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