Crowns turn a party into a grand occasion. Make your little one feel like royalty with these marvelous crowns you can craft out of whatever is handy – cardboard, fabric, felt, even a soda bottle. The crowning touch for any gathering!

Felt and Fabric Crown (via Hungie Gungie) Beautiful, soft garden party crowns with ribbon trimmings and an elastic band.

Jeweled Crown (via Design Love Fest) Your kids will shine in these regal, glittery, and jewel-becrusted crowns.

Crown Headband (via Hey Lady Spring) Perch a tiny felt crown on a headband for a happy-go-lucky look.

Cardboard Crown (via Baby Jungle) Cardboard ribbing makes for a majestic crown.

Plastic Soda Bottle Crown (via Paper Plate and Plane) A dazzling crown made from a plastic soda bottle and some artfully applied glitter glue.

Lace Crown (via Joyfolie) Brush lace with fabric stiffener for an exquisite result.

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